"My greatest inspiration for singing is the sea, the beauty of the waves and the infinite horizon. our ocean and our music connects the continents and the people. IN this way we connect our cultures, our dreams and our reality. we breathE the same air.” 

After performing in the contrasting environments of serene yoga classes and hectic NYC venues, and fueled by positive feedback, Mariana Barcellos knew it was time to begin honing her craft in a studio setting. She feels these four tracks best represent a musical synthesis of her wide-ranging passions. 


REGGAE NA SINTONIA / Reggae in Syntony - While traveling by bus in Brazil, across the states of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, we passed through green forests and beautiful small towns. This melody came first with English and then later in Portuguese. I recorded it in my cell phone and one month later on the island of Kauai I finished my reggae piece. It gave me a strong sense of my connection, “sintonia”, to both Brazil and Hawaii. 

Eu continuo na esperança de um dia /Vivenciar a completa harmonia / Do Sol da Lua das Estrelas que nos guiam / A luz dourada do encanto do Amor / Mas tem que ser é cultivada a alegria / Semente para a Luz de um novo dia / Quero viver eternamente a liberdade / Que Deus criou para toda humanidade / Colher os frutos que plantei com humildade / Seguindo sempre o Divino Criador/ Santa Floresta fonte de toda beleza / Iluminando com a energia do amor / Oh Let’s dance in the sunlight/ Oh Let’s dance in the moonlight/ Oh Let’s dance with the Stars/ Oh Let’s dance with the Stars /And with the flowers I go in harmony / And in the sea I take the melody / It’s with the reggae, reggae in sintony 

I keep hoping one day / To experience complete harmony / The Star, The Moon, The Sun that guides us / The golden light of enchanted love / But to be cultivated is the joy / The seed for the light of the new day / I want to live forever in freedom / That God created for all mankind / Reap the fruits planted with humility / Always follow the Divine Creator / The Saint Forest, source of all beauty / Illuminating with the energy of love / And with the flowers / I go in harmony / and with the sea / I take the melodia / It's with the reggae… / Reggae... in sintony* / Oh let’s dance in the sunshine / Oh let’s dance in the moonlight / Oh let’s dance.. with the stars  / Oh let’s dance.. with the stars 


PASSARINHO / Little Bird - "In the early spring, one afternoon in the New York City, I walked to the Hudson River equipped with my guitar. As I arrived to the park, the sun was setting, so I grabbed a bench seat to play one of my mother's songs to honor the Sun. As I strummed the first chord, another melody passed through me like a breeze and I began to play to the sun and it seemed the birds were singing along with me. 

Eu canto pro Sol / Eu canto pra Lua / Eu canto pro Mar / Vem das Estrelas / Vem das Estrelas

Passarinho, eu sou  / Passarinho cantou / Canções de lá / Canções de amar

Voa / E canta pro Sol / Voa / Vive na Floresta / Vive no horizonte

Passarinho, eu sou / Passarinho vou / Como o vento, soprou  / Como o vento, voou 

Trouxe canções pra mim que diziam assim / Abra suas asas / Voe pra liberdade / Seja fiel a você 

Abra suas asas / Rumo a liberdade / Seja fiel ao coração / Esta é sua realização 


I sing for the Sun / I sing for the Moon / I sing for the Sea / Comes from the Stars / Comes from the Stars

Little Bird, I am / Little Bird sings / Chants from there / Chants of Love

Fly / And sing for the Sun / Fly / Live in forest / Live on the horizon

Little bird, I am / Little Bird flies / With the wind, it blows / As the wind, it flies

Bring me beautiful songs / With the following message 

Open your wings / Fly to freedom / Be loyal to yourself

Open your wings / To achieve the freedom / Be loyal to your heart / That is your destiny


BAIÃO DAS ÁGUAS / Baião of the Waters - This song came to me as I was walking the magnificent Tunnels Beach on the island Kauai. In the movement of the waves hitting the sand, I perceived a rhythm and melody and this ballad began to take form. 

No encontro das águas do rio e do mar / eu vou encontrar / a minha mãe criadora / do mar/ A vida que sempre na Terra existiu / É água, é luz / Que tanto me faz encantar o amor / Eu vejo as ondas que aqui estão/ No meu coração / É só eu poder me deixar navegar/ A vida que sempre existiu / A vida que sempre terá / Nas ondas do mar/ Eu vim para cantar / Pra navegar, para nadar, para dançar / Encontrar os seres do mar...

In the meeting of the waters / Of the river and the sea/ I will meet my mother, the creator of the ocean / The life that always on earth existed / Is water, is light/ that really makes me enchant with Love/ I see the waves that are here inside my heart / It is just to let me navigate / Life that always existed / Life that will always be / On the waves of the sea / I came to sing/ To navigate, to swim, to dance / To meet the beings of the sea… 


RAIO DE LUZ / Ray of Light - This was one of the first songs I wrote. While traveling by car through upstate New York one summer night, I could see nothing outside as it rained incessantly. In that moment, this sweet melody played in my mind. The words that came later were a message about the necessity to remember the rays of starlight that are essential to our vision.

Sou a Luz, sou a Luz / Sou a Luz do Mar que canta, que canta e vem harmonizar 

Sou o Sol, Sou o Sol / Sou o Sol a brilhar / Ilumina, Ilumina faz tudo irradiar

Raio de Luz / mensagem do Astral / traz a melodia  que vem me ensinar

Estrelas, Estrelas me dizem pra cantar mensagens Divinas do Reino Universal

Raio de Luz de estrelas pequeninas viajam pelo céu trazendo pratas finas

Luz Divina, Luz Divina / Vem me abençoar com seu manto brilhante me envolve e faz amar

Viagem celeste no tempo infinito me ensina quem eu sou, consciência estelar

Sou a Luz, Sou a Luz / Sou a Luz Solar que canta, que canta pra tudo revelar


I am light, I am light / I am the light of the sea that sings, that sings comming to harmonize

I'm the Sun, I'm the Sun / I am the Sun that shines Iluminates, Iluminates irradiating everything

Ray of Light, Message from the Astral, brings the melody Comming to teach me

The Stars, The Stars / Tells me to sing

Divine messages of the Universal Kingdom

Ray of light of tiny stars / Travel through the sky bringing Silvery Light

Divine Light, Divine Light / Coming to bless me with your brilliant mantle, protects me and makes me love

Celestial travel in the infinite time / teaches me who I am / Stellar consciousness

I am Light, I am Light / I am the Solar Light / that sings, that sings to reveal everything


Music Production and Arrangements - Emerson Villani

Executive Producer - Angela Figueiredo

Executive Production Assistant - Bento Mello

Recorded and Mixed by Emerson Villani in STUDIO 61

Mastered by Lampadinha na casa do Lampadinha


By Casa 5


Artistic Director - Branco Mello